How to Write a Body Paragraph of a College Essay?

The part of your essay that can significantly influence the success of your essay is your essay body paragraph. A standard body paragraph has six parts. One key aspect of structuring your paragraphs is the avoidance of repetition. Any form of academic writing requires proper structuring of paragraphs to ensure the engagement of the reader of your essay. The introduction and conclusion paragraphs are equally important, so do not assume them too. Such an article aims to expound on aspects of the body paragraph and provide tips on how to write a body paragraph for a college essay.

The purpose of a body paragraph

The body paragraph proves the thesis statement of your essay that you ought to provide in the introduction paragraph. The body paragraph must relate to the introduction that forecasts the essay’s structure and the conclusion that summarizes the arguments in the body paragraph.  Each of your paragraphs in the body section of your essay should be focused on a single idea. Avoid lengthy paragraphs that will make readers of your essay pause frequently to ensure they are within your line of thoughts. Too short sentences in your body paragraphs are underdeveloped sentences that you should avoid.

The effective steps in writing your body paragraph

You may be worried about how to write a body paragraph for an essay, and these are the basic tips you have been missing out on.

  1. Writing the topic sentence

You need to look at the first sentence in your body paragraph section of your essay as a mini-thesis statement for the particular paragraph you are writing. Your topic sentence should build on the main points that the paragraph will address. It also has to be related to the general thesis statement of your essay.

  1. Unpacking your topic sentence

Unpacking involves dispersing out your discussion points to ensure it supports the topic sentence. Ensure you place one major idea in each paragraph to avoid too length paragraph or irrelevance.

  1. Giving evidence

Providing evidence means providing facts, arguments, and data from reputable research sources. An essay paper is used to promote arguments based on original ideas and opinions by other researchers or scholars who have written articles, journals, books, etc.

  1. Analyzing the evidence

In your body paragraph, ensure that the main ideas you present are connected to the evidence you have provided to bring out the main idea you intended to bring out. You could explain, expand, interpret or comment on your evidence or instead oppose the evidence by providing a counterargument.

  1. Proving your objective

Proving your objective requires tying up your body paragraph by restating the exact topic sentence that your essay was based on. Use different phrases to avoid repetition. The paragraph needs to prove the argument in the thesis statement.

  1. Providing a transition

The section of providing a transition aims to take the reader away from a paragraph and then head to take the reader into an albeit related topic. Such a transition needs to be smooth enough, and the connection you create between the two ideas should come out strong and clear.


Crafting a compelling and attractive body paragraph requires you to break down any complex topic sentences to make it easy for the reader of your essay to read and absorb your content more easily.  Avoid extremely long paragraphs that are more than three-quarters of a page formatted with margins of one inch and font size of 12, Times New Roman. Be keen not to repeat any information between paragraphs, and your essay will be interesting to your reader with proper touches on the introduction and conclusion sections.

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