Essential Guide to Essay Writing in High School

High school essay writing is often a challenging task that causes many students sleepless nights. Unfortunately, fretting over your high school essay is not enough reason to be exempted from preparing an essay.

As such, you must master various tips for writing an essay and the tips to make your essay writing process more bearable. This article will cover the elements of essay writing for high school students and highlight some essay prompts for high school. 

How to write a high school essay

Hitting the research and jotting down any idea relating to your topic is not always the best approach to writing a high school essay. A good essay requires intricate planning, quality research, and thorough editing to ensure that you communicate your ideas properly.

Some steps for high school essay writing include:

  1. Conduct thorough research

The research phase is the first stage when working on your essay. This step should be scheduled early on your plan and start with a brainstorming session on the ideas you are already properly versed with on the topic.

Next, narrow your topics to three topics that grab your interest the most and research for primary and secondary sources to use in structuring your argument. After your preliminary research, settle for the topic with the most resources.

  1. Outline your arguments

After coalescing your research, organize your arguments and plan the information into various relevant parts. Doing so allows you to gauge the completeness of your paper, helping you gauge whether more research is needed to establish your claims and support. 

  1. Prepare your first draft

After writing your outline, draft your paper and seek help to analyze how well the assignment has been tackled. RankMyService will assist you in avoiding bad service providers and choosing the proper ones. Also, take this chance to correct various structural and grammatical issues that are recurrent in your paper before drafting your final essay.

  1. Writing, editing, and proofreading

After analyzing your draft, write your paper and buff out the small issues which could compromise your final score. Refrain from editing and writing your paper in one sitting as this may limit your capacity to pinpoint various errors in your work.

Ideally, take some time off to gain clarity as you peruse your essay. Alternatively, consult experts and friends for assistance as they are better positioned to notice various errors in your work. 

High school essay format

The high school essay unlike the thesis and dissertation is divided into an introduction, the body, and a conclusion section.

The introduction highlights the background of your paper, a hook to capture your reader’s attention, and introduces your thesis. The introduction may also set the stage for your argument, allowing you to transition to your first point and sell your standpoint in an argumentative essay.

The body comprises paragraphs, each carrying an individual component of your argument. Each chapter presents a new topic sentence, and its evidence, and finally ties the evidence down to the thesis statement. 

Your conclusion should then highlight the importance of your work and the key components of your argument. We recommend that you start with the body of your paper to gain a good understanding of your argument.

How long is an essay in high school?

A high school essay ranges between 1000 to 5000 words. However, many tutors will guide you on the desired essay length when they are offering the assignment.

Sample high school essay topics

  1. Surrogate moms and the societal perspective.
  2. What is it about you that your parents don’t get? 
  3. There is violence in the media. 
  4. Describe a rite of passage that you’ve experienced and how it affected you. 
  5. In middle school, students are taught about sex. 
  6. Future of The Internet.
  7. Methods for lowering air pollution. 
  8. How may alternative energy sources aid in the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources? 
  9. Why do so few ladies choose to work in the exact sciences? 
  10. The significance of sports in today’s world.
  11. Should the wealthy pay a higher tax rate? 
  12. Is sex education something that should be taught in schools? 
  13. Is it necessary to use physical punishment to maintain good discipline? 

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